4G Body-Worn Camera

A perfect solution for police officers, security guards and other professionals. With a wide range of market-leading functionality, can capture video, audio as well as pictures on the move. Its durable case is IP67 rated to protect from dust and water damage. It also has Wi-Fi capability to provide live video transmission and wireless downloading of footage.

More info about 4G Body-Worn Camera

Easy to wear and carry – Portable size and lightweight makes it easy to wear and carry
2PCS rechargeable 1800mAh batteries – 2PCS rechargeable 1800mAh batteries
2.0 Inch IPS Screen – With 2.0 inch LCD Screen to display various working status in real time
Recording through Bluetooth – It can be remotely triggered to recording through Bluetooth
Powerful infrared IR night vision – Powerful infrared IR night vision
150 wide angle – 150 wide angle allow user to get footage clearly and widely
GPS tracking system – GPS tracking system enable to get location data while recording
Laser positioning – Laser positioning to correct shooting angle
HD video – Provide HD 1080P recording through WIFI network or via a mobile device connected to a cellular network

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