Fleet Tracker Ireland

Whatever you need monitoring, we can provide a viable solution. Fleet Tracker provides video and GPS monitoring devices for homes, persons, vehicles and other assets.

FleetTracker is Ireland’s best IoT high-tech solutions provider for real-time tracking of any asset static or on the move: from a single eBike, motorbike, car, van, truck or person, to van fleet, truck fleet, taxi fleet, shipping containers and everything in-between.

Android, iPhone and browser access to your GPS & AGPS smart monitoring systems for tracking on land, sea and air.

Vehicles Tracking Solutions

Smart GPS tracking devices for all vehicle types, from electric bikes to trucks. Ideal for fleet tracking, our products are supported by highly advanced tracking system that generates extensive amounts of data.

Fleet Tracking Price Quote

Looking for a price quote for multiple assets tracking? Use our fleet tracking price quote form to send us your monitoring requirements, and a member of staff will get back to you with our best prices, and available discounts.

We do offer the option to lease tracking equipment.

Video Monitoring Solutions

Monitor static and on-the-move assets with our advanced video recording solutions.

High-End Dash Cams

1080p video, GPS , Cloud Server, etc.

One-to-One Demo

Want to see out fleet tracking and video monitoring in action? Book a demo and we will show you all available features our products have to offer.

Just complete the demo request form, and a member of staff will get back to you asap.

Security Personnel

Bodyworn cameras for security guards.

Property Monitoring

Indoor & outdoor property monitoring.

Training & Support

Our products come with manufacturer warranty, our fleet tracking software is easy to install, and comes with a user friendly and intuitive interface. We provide full training in using the fleet tracking and management system at its full potential, along with suggestions on what will work best for your company.

Our technicians are on-hand to provide you with support whenever is needed.