Telematics Cloud Platform

We offer an off-the-shelf turnkey telematics cloud based scalable solution with a complete set of services designed for remote fleet management, fleet tracking, asset tracking and a diverse set of vertical applications.




Telematics Cloud Platform Ireland

Get MORE with Fleet Tracker Telematics

Real Time GPS Tracking

Track your fleet in real time. Quickly and easily locate any vehicle or asset while it’s on the road or at a job site. Access the telematics cloud platform via mobile app or web.

Daily Route Maps

View all the journeys and routes taken on a day. View 30 day trips (within last 6 months) & 7 days playback. View total mileage, start time – end time, average speed, trips, and more….

Live Alert Notifications

Alerts management system fully configurable. Enable alert sound, categorize by alert type, status, actions taken, etc. Get alerts only for events you consider important.


Create and assign geofences to any monitored device, vehicle or asset. Get alerts if geofence breached.

Driver Behavior

Monitor driver behavior by getting notified of any sudden acceleration, collision, sharp turns, sudden deceleration.

Report & Analitics

Get vital data that will help you work smarter, improve overall efficiency and manage your fleet.

Fleet Tracking Price Quote

Looking for a price quote for multiple assets tracking? Use our fleet tracking price quote form to send us your monitoring requirements, and a member of staff will get back to you with our best prices, and available discounts.

We do offer the option to lease tracking equipment.

Go Further with Fleet Tracker Telematics

Intelligent fleet tracking software

High Scalability

Open API

Web/APP Customization

Data Security

AWS Cloud

Customized Billing Solutions

Rapid Deployment

Microsoft Azure Cloud

30+ Languages Available

One-to-One Demo

Want to see out fleet tracking and video monitoring in action? Book a demo and we will show you all available features our products have to offer.

Just complete the demo request form, and a member of staff will get back to you asap.

Boost ROI with Fleet Tracker Telematics

fleet tracking management




Improve Dispatching – Proactively manage and maximize your dispatch and routing operations with our management tools and mobile apps.

Provide Better Customer Service – Improve response times by dispatching the vehicle closest to your customer location.

Enhance Safety – Better oversee and help improve the safety of your drivers, and the security of your asset and vehicles.

Increase Productivity – Get tasks done faster and more proactively. Monitor your drivers and make sure they are performing up to their potential.

Reduce Loss – Protect valuable assets, deter unauthorized use, and improve recovery efforts in the event of theft.

Reduce Operation Costs – Monitor every single part of your business so everything runs smoothly and with low operational costs.