GPS Ankle Bracelet Offender Tracking

The number of accused and convicted criminal offenders who are monitored with ankle bracelets and other electronic tracking devices rose sharply in recent years. The GPS Offender-Tracking bracelets are not just devices worn around ankles. They’re part of a complex system for monitoring the movements and activities of pretrial defendants or convicted offenders on probation or parole. The system offers a robust integration of tracking, communication and mapping technologies that enable operators to efficiently track offenders, indoors and out, at varying levels of intensity.

More info about GPS Ankle Bracelet Offender Tracking

Monitoring platform – Monitoring platform
Two-way Communication – Two-way communication
SOS call – SOS emergency call
IP67 grade – IP67 grade
6000mAn battery – 6000mAH polymer lithium battery
Android 7.0 system – Android 7. 0 operating system
5.0 Inch IPS Screen – 5.0 inch IPS screen, 1920*1080 resolution

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